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TCS is a renowned multinational company with a huge organization with 3,87,000 employees and operates from 46 counties and still growing. Their services include business solutions, IT and other an outsourcing services, Handling such huge database along with all employees detail is a tedious process. I.e employee services and function, they need a huge scalable system.
What is ERP??
ERP ( Enterprise resource planning) is a multipurpose portal used by a small scale company for managing employees details/datasheet like timesheet, salary, HR activities and so on, companies who have employees countless they buy such services from other organizations.

What is TCS Ultimatix??

TCS has launched Ultimatix which provide same Features like ERP but it has an ability to maintain huge data easily. Recently URL has been updated whereas all feature and functionality are the same as before. If any employee or user face any issue with Ultimatix then they are free to contact TCS Ultimatix helpdesk at any time. Here you get Tcs mail service and it’s totally free.
But companies like TCS has a Ultimatix official portal which serves the same Features/activities like ERP.
Below listed are the feature you will find in ERP or TCS Ultimatix :
(1) Employees can fill timesheet and work which they have e completed daily.
(2) Employees can put leaves and supervisor either approve or reject it through the leave management system.
(3) Here you can easily fetch any details/Information of a person who is working in organizations i.e
where he/she is working under whose supervision on which project, contact no., Email Id, etc.
(4) Employees can download salary slips.
(5) Employees can find important documents like Bonafide letter, appointment letter, etc.
(6) Employees can check internal job opportunities and they can apply as per their interest.
(7) Performance Management is used for managing employees salary hike and promotion.
(8) A social network can integrate to connect with other employees and share ideas, thoughts, moments, issues, etc.
(9) Employees can manage / Check voluntary provident fund, PF, and all other allowances through
(10) Employees can easily connect with HR or any employee in the organisation for any help they required.

TCS Ultimatix Touch App

Ultimatix App for iOS & Android:

TCS Ultimatix Touch App for iOS or Android phone is another most popularly searched query among the TCS employees. Now using the Mobile App on Android mobiles for Android and iOS will give you ultimate access to all the features of the TCS Ultimatix ERP Portal right from your pocket using your Mobile Phone.

Now the Touch App of Ultimatix of TCS is available for both Android and iPhone users. So you can use the TCS ERP portal even if you are an Android mobile user of iOS user. And using the App will let all the TCS employees to control their Timesheet, Resume Letters, Salary management, HR service right from their pocket using the App.

And using the App will let all the TCS employees to control their Timesheet, Resume Letters, Salary management, HR service right from their pocket using the Touch App of TCS Ultimatix.

So now if you are a new employee of TCS or just an old one but yet to upgrade to the App then just for you without any more delays. Here we will be providing you with the guide on downloading the App for Android & iPhone users.

How to Download TCS Ultimatix Touch App on iOS & Android

To download TCS Ultimatix Touch App on any of the iOS or Android mobile devices, you will just need to complete few of task given below. The Touch App is available for both iOS and Android Operating Systems.

So now you will be able to utilize the App for both iPhone and Android mobile. Now to download and install App first thing that you will need is register your Mobile device. To do it you will just need to follow the few simple steps below.

  1.  First of all, you will need to open “TCS Ultimatix” on your Mobile device on both Android or iOS (iPhone) device.
  2. Now you will need to access the “Utilities” Section from your TCS page on your Mobile device.
  3. Now you will need to open the Appmart from your Android or iOS device.
  4. Now you will just need to Register and authorized your Mobile device for using TCS Ultimatix.
  5. Next you will be shown different Apps which are available for the Users to download on their Mobile device.
  6. Now the last thing that you will need to complete is to download and install the app by just tapping on the TCS Ultimatix App.

Now once the installation is completed on your Mobile device you are all ready to use and manage all your Official work of TCS for all the employee using this TCS ERP App. And to get started, you will be just needing to log in to your TCS Ultimatix App on your Mobile device.

Features of TCS Ultimatix: Use Ultimatix on Smartphone and PC

Use Ultimatix on Smartphone and PC

Now for those if you are a little bit confuse about the functionality of TCS Ultimatix for the users. So we will be just shading on some light on some of those powerful features of TCS Portal for its Employee and affiliates. And here are the things that you can do using this management tool on your Smartphone and PC.

  1. It provides any of the users with the logins details to download their pay slip using TCS Ultimatix very easily.
  2. It also provides Timesheet for all the employees of TCS.
  3. It also allows the employees to fetch the information about any other employees by just logging into your account of your TCS Ultimatix.
  4. It also allows users to manage the allowances.
  5. It also provides official information about the Supervisor’s name of the particular section, a name of the project, contact numbers etc.
  6. It allows the employees to send leave letters online using the ERP Portal. And once the leave letter is accepted you can just go for your leave without actually going into your office.
  7. A different and dedicated section that manages the performances of the workers of the TCS.
  8. It allows internal Job posting within the TCS by just using the portal Ultimatix for employees.
  9. It also works as a storing vault which can be used by employees to store all their important documents.
  10. And now the last and the most awesome thing about TCS Ultimatix is that once you log into your TCS Ultimatix account using your Username and password. And once you do that you will be accessible to a secret UTMX Social media platform. Which can be further used by all the employees to stay connected with their colleagues and friends from within the company.

TCS Ultimatix Login Page| Login to your TCS Ultimatix Account.

Now to log into TCS Ultimatix you can use the Ultimatix Login Page from the official Website of TCS Ultimatix using your Username and Password. Every users or employee are provided with a unique Client ID and Password. And using this info’s you can login into your account from the official site of TCS Recourse Management Planning.

Login to your Account using: https://www.elxsimatix.net/.

Yes, this is the new official site of TCS Ultimatix and you can use it to log in to the Ultimatix portal either from your Computer or using the TCS Ultimatix iOS App or Android mobile App. You can download the TCS Ultimatix very easily.

TCS Ultimatix Global Helpdesk, Email & Number

Now another important Service that is provided by the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) of TCS is the Global Helpdesk number. It provides a helpline number and email facility using which any TCS Employee can report any problem or ask solution to any of their problems.

The helpdesk of TCS is handled by a number of technically qualified Customer service, which are capable of handling all the problems from their users. So if you are an employee of TCS and you are facing any problem regarding your TCS Ultimatix account then let me assure you that you are in the safe hands.

Now one of the most common problems that are faced by the employees and users or TCS Ultimatix ERP portal is the ‘Your account has been suspended’. And now if you are also facing the same problem then you should not be ignoring this any longer. This problem can affect your information in your TCS Enterprise Management Planning account.

And now to solve this problem or any other problem like ‘Your TCS Login is suspended’ then you should either take the help of the Global helpdesk or your MD to solve this problem.

Final Words on TCS Ultimatix info:

So it is a very powerful ERP portal for the TCS employees. And using this portal will make the management of Salary, Timesheet, HR Service etc for all the TCS employees. So now if you are an employee of TCS then this is one of the first things that you must have on your hand.

Now this Blog on TCS Ultimatix will provide you all the information that is required by any of the TCS employees. Normally ranging from TCS Ultimatix login, downloading its official TCS App for iPhone and Android to TCS Global helpdesk to solve all your problems.

TCS Ultimatix Login, Mobile App, Wiki, Email, Global Helpline

TCS Ultimatix is an Enterprise Information Portal for all the TCS or Tata Consultancy Service employees.TCS Ultimatix is one of the must-have tools for individual who is working under the company of TCS or Tata Consultancy Service.

Now if you are a TCS Employee or just a person who is searching for information regarding TCS Ultimatix. Then let me assure you that have just reached the right destination. As here we will be providing our readers with all the information on TCS Ultimatix login, TCS Ultimatix Mobile App for Android, TCS Ultimatix App for iOS, & TCS Ultimatix Universal Helpdesk Number & Email.

TCS Ultimatix is a Portal of Tata Consultancy Service or TCS that provides an effective & efficient way for all the TCS employees to manage their Salary, HR Service, Timesheet and many more.

So now you can ultimately regard this blog as a Wiki or an ultimate guide of TCS Ultimatix. As it will be providing you with all the information’s regarding TCS Portal.

This blog will also provide the readers on how to use TCS Enterprise Resource Planning portal on your iOS and Android device. And on top of that, we will also provide you with the Global helpdesk number. Which you can further use it to solve any of the problems that you face while logging in to your account or using its App on your iOS or Android or just with any other problems in particular.

All about TCS Ultimatix | TCS Wiki

Now before we just jump off into all the bundle of information about TCS Ultimatix. First of all, we will take a look at some of the basic stuff about TCS (Tata Consultancy Service) and about its ERP portal.

TCS or Tata Consultancy Service is one of the leading Indian Multinational IT solution company. It offers guides on IT services, Outsourcing, Business solutions and much more to all its customers. TCS is operating in more than 46 countries around the globe with more than 300,000 employees.

For further information about TCS, you can visit the official Website of TCS and tnow more about TCS you can refer to TCS Wikipedia.

Now to handle and manage this huge number of employee in the Company. TCS or Tata Consultancy Service has launched an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) portal known as TCS Ultimatix. It is a very powerful portal and tool to manage the Timesheet, HR Series, and Salary management for the employees of TCS.

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